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What is a process agent?

As a process agent which is also known as a service agent, we act on behalf of various types of globally based clients investors to ensure that legal notices are served to you reliably and fast. Our services revolves around receiving and accepting legal notices to serve, and ensuring they are promptly passed on to you when requested to by the opposite party.

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Central to our operations is client satisfaction. We offer unparalleled speed to arranging your appointment of process agent. By offering a steadfast service at an affordable price, we build long-term relationships with our clients.

What type of transactions can process agents help with?

Credit/loan facility agreements

Bond/Indenture Issuance

Aircraft lease agreements

Purchase agreements

Global Master Repurchase agreements

Shareholder agreements


NDAs (non-disclosure agreements)

ISDA agreements

Off-shore agreements made simple.

If you’d like to know more about Point Processing and how we can help with your international agreements, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Count on Point Processing for expert handling of UK mortgage and financial agreement requirements. With swift response times, reliable modern processing, and competitive rates, we ensure a smooth journey for your legal endeavours.

Trust us to take care of your UK transaction needs with dependability, rapidity, and competitive pricing.



With extensive experience handling the process agent requirement of UK mortgages and other types of financial agreements for countless overseas clients, we know how to keep the journey smooth and simple for you.


Speed & Reliability

We respond to all inquiries quickly – usually within 3 hours. With our team providing fast and reliable processing services electronically, you can move forward with your investments quickly.



Not only do we take care of all your cross-border to UK requirements accurately and rapidly, but we also do so at highly competitive rates.

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Contact Us

Get in touch with us via email or the contact form at the bottom of this page. Let us know how many entities/applicants require a process agent and the length of time (the mortgage term) needed.



You will receive our client form and confirmation of our fees (which can be found on our pricing page).



Complete the electronic client form and submit it back to us via email. We will then provide payment options, including online credit card payments and bank transfers.


Start the Process Agent Appointment

Upon receipt of payment, we'll email you the appointment letter. An original can be sent to the lender, solicitor, or any other relevant party if necessary. Within one working day, our appointment can be finalised!


Post Appointment

Should any paperwork ever need to be served and we are receiving notices under contracts, we will serve it through email and postal mail. You will also receive notifications of this via your nominated method. It’s that simple.

Save hundreds in agent fees and focus on your investments.

Ease your investment journey and cut costs with Point Processing. Our streamlined service simplifies the complexities of UK finance transactions for overseas investors, saving you time and money. Enjoy transparent pricing, no hidden costs, and seamless communication through various digital platforms. Experience efficiency and affordability with every transaction.



Dealing with legal contracts anywhere in the world is never a simple task. When it comes to the legalities of finance transactions or raising a loan in the UK, ‘Process Agents’ act on behalf of overseas investors, acting as their officially appointed agent for legal agreements such as mortgages or other financial contracts that fall under UK law jurisdiction.


The Cost-Effective Solution

We offer the most efficient process agent service on the market – and at the most affordable price. As a trusted processing agent, we pride ourselves on our reliability, honesty, and transparency. With Point Processing, you’ll never encounter any hidden costs or nasty surprises.


A Fully Integrated Service

We operate electronically at Point Processing via email, WhatsApp, as well as other communication platforms. With our procedures digitally streamlined and integrated, we offer a service of unmatched efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Get an immediate estimate with our pricing calculator, so you can appoint a uk process company swiftly.

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Everything you need to know about process agents and us.

What is the purpose of a process agent?

A process agent (also known as a service agent) acts on behalf of overseas parties (as an independent party) to ensure that legal notices are served to them promptly.

Our service is requested as a contractual condition when you are involved in a cross-border transaction and either party (or both) desires proceedings arising from the contract to commence in the courts of England and Wales for service of process.

Whether you are involved in a complex transaction or simply need a reliable appointment, we can help.

Our services include receiving documents in connection to your legal contracts accepting in line with procedure rules, acting as your agent and ensuring they are safely and promptly provided to you.

How much does a process agent cost?

The cost of this service will depend on the complexity of your requirements, however generally, the duration needed and how many appointors will determine the price.  At Point Processing, we're clearer on pricing and we are accurate in our quotes. Please use our pricing calculator to estimate the cost of this service.

What are the steps to get my Signed Process Agent Letter and how do I get myself a Process Agent?

1. Get in touch with us - To request our services, get in touch with us through email or using our contact form. Please let us know how many applications there will be and the length of time (e.g. term) needed.

2. Application - Receive the application form and confirm fees.

3. Fulfill - Complete the electronic application and submit it back to us via email. We will then provide payment options, including online credit card payments and bank transfers.

4. Start the appointment - Upon receipt of payment, we'll email you the appointment letter/signed process agent letter and can post the original to the lender or other necessary parties, such as solicitors, lenders, or your broker, if necessary. Within one working day, the steps and the appointment of us can be finalised!

5. Post Appointment - Should any paperwork ever need to be served, we will serve it through email and postal mail after your facility is up and running. We will also notify you via your nominated method.

I still have more questions?

Please contact us or check the knowledge base here.

You can email us at or WhatsApp us directly for an urgent query ‪+44 7356 048541‬. You can also call us on +44 1225 29 2420

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