Service Agent Knowledge Base

Everything you need to know about process agents and us.

Is a Process Agent Mandatory in UK?

Mortgage lenders and other financial institutions require the role of a process agent for overseas based entities or mortgagees, as counterparties such as finance providers in the UK can only serve legal notice to a registered address in this country. At Point Processing, we serve as a reliable and efficient resource for international clients obtaining financing for assets like property and aircraft, we expedite everything from complex legal arrangements to a single purchase, refinance or lease of an asset.

How do I get started - what's the timescales?

For a full step-by-step guide, head over to our home page and the steps are located at the bottom half of our webpage.

From making initial contact, to receiving your signed appointment letter, shouldn't take longer than 2 working days - with minimal administrive steps! The process is usually complete a lot quicker than this if our steps are acted upon speedilily.

What is your cancellation policy?

We understand that things change. If your transaction/mortgage application does not go through or complete as expected, we will provide a full refund. For a full understanding of our policies, please contact the team to request our full terms and conditions.

What are the costs involved?

For pricing, please head over to the calculator which can be found at the top of this page or in the navigation bar.

How does payment work?

We can accept online card payments, Apple Pay and bank transfers, we will provide the payment instructions and invoices upon acceptance of your instruction. We will email you to arrange this.

What if my address or contact details need updating during the appointment?

You can change the contact details registered with your appointment by contacting the team.